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Shek Lung Stream Tseun Wan

  #Stonedragonwaterfall #ShortHike SHEK LUNG STREAM, 石龍坑 ,TO , STONE DRAGON WATERFALLS, Duration: 2 hours, 10km Difficulty:8/10. Light rock climbing, rope climbing, Tseun Wan West exit A1 , take bus 234B to, TING KAU , get off from bus at ting kau stop. cross the bridge and follow video or the link website. there is beautiful view of ,Ting Kau Village, Ting Kau Beach, Ting Kau Bridge,Tsing Ma Bridge, from the top of, stone dragon Waterfalls, Approach Beach, at castle peak road, cross the bridge and follow video or the link website Click Here #ShekLungStream #石龍坑 #HikeHongKong

Tai Tam Mound Waterfall

Tai Tam Mound Waterfall Video Clip Of Tai Tam Mound Waterfall Duration:  About 15 minutes walk. Difficulty:  Really easy. Very slight incline. Appreciation:  9/10 is you love waterfalls. It's a Short and Easy Trail Transportation:  MTR to Sai Wan Ho station, then NWFB route 14 to Tai Tam Reservoir (North),  Tai Tam Road  Go back to direction you came from on the bus, to the trail head. Be careful as there are no sidewalks.  Follow the way and Walk 950m (17min ) After 5 Minutes walk you will Arrive to the strais way continue to walk and go down through stairs After Stairs you will see the Beautiful view in the summer it will look more nice from the right side of waterfall go to the way the stairs going to up side first Get Down from the left side of stairs and look the beautiful waterfall Video Clip Of Tai Tam Tuk Waterfall you can get shower here in this stream climb back and go up to the stairs follow the

Kowloon Peak (Suicide Cliff )飛鵝山自殺崖 Hong Kong

Kowloon Peak ( Fei Ngo Shan ) Located at an altitude of approximately 600 meters, Kowloon Peak is the highest mountain in the Kowloon area. Spectacular view of the Kowloon Peninsula can be viewed from everywhere on the summit. The South Ridge facing Choi Wan is dangerously steep with slopes and stone walls. At the top of South Ridge there lies the famous “Suicide Cliff” popular for photography and adventure. A walk uphill along the main traffic road will take you directly to the summit of Kowloon Peak. A more relaxing way to go there is to take taxi at Choi Hung MTR station, travelling along New Clear Water Bay Road and Fei Ngo Shan Road to the peak’s observation deck, which offers a wide-sweeping view of the cityscape. for Public Transport green line Choi Hung MTR Exit C2  Green Mini Bus Route number 1A ask to driver for FEI NGO SHAN better if you go on public holiday you will see many hikers for Kowloon Peak for pictur