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Shek Lung Stream Tseun Wan

  #Stonedragonwaterfall #ShortHike SHEK LUNG STREAM, 石龍坑 ,TO , STONE DRAGON WATERFALLS, Duration: 2 hours, 10km Difficulty:8/10. Light rock climbing, rope climbing, Tseun Wan West exit A1 , take bus 234B to, TING KAU , get off from bus at ting kau stop. cross the bridge and follow video or the link website. there is beautiful view of ,Ting Kau Village, Ting Kau Beach, Ting Kau Bridge,Tsing Ma Bridge, from the top of, stone dragon Waterfalls, Approach Beach, at castle peak road, cross the bridge and follow video or the link website Click Here #ShekLungStream #石龍坑 #HikeHongKong

Sheung Luk stream (Double deer) , 雙鹿石澗

Sheung Luk stream (Double deer) 雙鹿石澗 Hong Kong Sheung Luk Stream Hike Sheung Luk Stream To Double Deer Sheung Luk Stream Sai Kung Sheung Luk stream,雙鹿石澗 Sai Wan Village,Sai Kung, Hong Kong Appreciation: I'll say 8.5/10 Duration: 6 hours Bus stop to stream: 40 minutes. 2.8k Stream:               4hours,  ( lunch+Picture ) To Bus stop:         1 hour,  Water needs:        2 liters Cell phone coverage: Not Everywhere How To Go Sheung Luk Stream? Transportation:      Choi Hung Station:   Exit C2,Green Mini Bus 1A To Sai Kung Ferry  or Bus 92 to Sai Kung Police Station Daimond Hill MTR:    Exit C2, Bus 92 to Sai Kung Police Station Walk To Chan Man street, and go to Mcdonald there The bus stop is infront of Mcdonald  28 Seater White mini Bus ( Village Bus ) get off from bus on Last Stop Which Is Sai Wan Pavilion. and Follow the Sign Sai Wan Village/Sai Wan Beach Sai Kung McDonald bus stop wait for white m