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Shek Lung Stream Tseun Wan

  #Stonedragonwaterfall #ShortHike SHEK LUNG STREAM, 石龍坑 ,TO , STONE DRAGON WATERFALLS, Duration: 2 hours, 10km Difficulty:8/10. Light rock climbing, rope climbing, Tseun Wan West exit A1 , take bus 234B to, TING KAU , get off from bus at ting kau stop. cross the bridge and follow video or the link website. there is beautiful view of ,Ting Kau Village, Ting Kau Beach, Ting Kau Bridge,Tsing Ma Bridge, from the top of, stone dragon Waterfalls, Approach Beach, at castle peak road, cross the bridge and follow video or the link website Click Here #ShekLungStream #石龍坑 #HikeHongKong

Hong Kong Ferry Terminal

Hong Kong Ferry Terminal Sia Wan Ho Ferry Terminal Shaukeiwan Typhoon Shelter/ Sai wan Ho Ferry How to go sai wan ho ferry terminal.? Sai Wan Ho MTR Station Exit A, Turn right and walk along Tai Hong St, next to Grand Promenade facing typhoon shelter and diagonally across from the Les Saisons (Bus Route 77/ 99/ 606/ 110/ 85/ 2/ 14/ 720) Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier (Chinese: 西灣河碼頭) is a ferry pier near Lei King Wan (鯉景灣) in Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong. It is near a bus terminus on the Grand Promenade (嘉亨灣). It has three ferry services to Kwun Tong, Sam Ka Tsuen and Tung Lung Chau.[1][2] All ferry services are operated by Coral Sea Ferry. The pier started operation in 1983, replacing the temporary Tai Koo Shing Ferry Pier. #saiwanhoferry