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Shek Lung Stream Tseun Wan

  #Stonedragonwaterfall #ShortHike SHEK LUNG STREAM, 石龍坑 ,TO , STONE DRAGON WATERFALLS, Duration: 2 hours, 10km Difficulty:8/10. Light rock climbing, rope climbing, Tseun Wan West exit A1 , take bus 234B to, TING KAU , get off from bus at ting kau stop. cross the bridge and follow video or the link website. there is beautiful view of ,Ting Kau Village, Ting Kau Beach, Ting Kau Bridge,Tsing Ma Bridge, from the top of, stone dragon Waterfalls, Approach Beach, at castle peak road, cross the bridge and follow video or the link website Click Here #ShekLungStream #石龍坑 #HikeHongKong

Lion Hill hike (Sze Shan 獅山) Tai O

lion hill hike  Lion Hill Sze Shan  lion hill hike Lion Hill hike ,Sze Shan,Cheung Shan at  Tai O Lantau Island lion hill , Elephant hill , tiger hill , chicken rock , dog rock Lenght 5 km time  6 hrs ( (Pictures + Lunch ) Tung Chung Mtr Exit B Village Bus Number 11 Ling Yan Monastery Bus Stop bus 11  Starting point if there is no screen in bus then keep an eye  for this starting point which will be on right of your bus and faster press bell to stop bus because the bus stop is very near to the stating point take stairs go up and turn right follow ribbon  lion hill go up to first hill which is called lion Hill in the middle  chicken rock at the lion hill chicken rock can see big buddha and lantau peak from here take your pictures and keep climb up Rock Pile Rock Pile behind of chicken rock easy to go top Tai O at the top beautiful view of tai o and macau bridge on the right go down and clim