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Shek Lung Stream Tseun Wan

  #Stonedragonwaterfall #ShortHike SHEK LUNG STREAM, 石龍坑 ,TO , STONE DRAGON WATERFALLS, Duration: 2 hours, 10km Difficulty:8/10. Light rock climbing, rope climbing, Tseun Wan West exit A1 , take bus 234B to, TING KAU , get off from bus at ting kau stop. cross the bridge and follow video or the link website. there is beautiful view of ,Ting Kau Village, Ting Kau Beach, Ting Kau Bridge,Tsing Ma Bridge, from the top of, stone dragon Waterfalls, Approach Beach, at castle peak road, cross the bridge and follow video or the link website Click Here #ShekLungStream #石龍坑 #HikeHongKong

Devils Fist or Wong Chuk Kok Tsui (黃竹角咀)

Wong Chuk Kok Tsui / Devils Fist #DevilsFist #HongKong Wong Chuk Kok Tsui (Traditional Chinese:黃竹角咀, lit. Cape of the Yellow Bamboo Point), formerly known as Bluff Head,and Devils a cape in north east New Territories, Hong Kong. Wong chuk kok tsui is park of North Distric and Tai Po District . Plover Cove Country park side. In the around of Devils fist there is three small island Double island , Port Island and crescent Island . You can take speed boat from wong shek ferry or hike from bride’s pool road tai po to via plover cove country park trail but that is long trail. Wong Shek Ferry to Wong Chuk Kok Tsui is easy to get there March 2020 we rent boat From wong shek to Hung Shek Mun - Devils First - wong Shek ferry back Cost 150 HKD per head around trip if any Question leave your comment

Hung Shek Mun Hong Kong

Hung Shek Mun Hong Kong   Hung Shek Mun is located at east coast of Double Haven within Plover Cove Country Park.  The rocky coast appears in red because of being rich in iron element. Shek Mun, roughly translated as Red Stone Gate,  is a remote and unspoiled place situated in the northeast of New Territories.  Hung Shek Mun is a waterway between Kang Mun Tsui and Double Island. near to plover cove country park side.  easiest way to get hung shek mun is take ferry from wong shek  ferry coast in march 2020 was 150HKD per head its easy to take ferry if you are in group maximum seats capacity in boat 24 people the another way to go hung shek mun  by hike through plover cove country park Route by hike is Wu Kau Tang to Hung Shek Mun, and back to Wu Kau Tang Which is Length 14.5 km from tai marker station exit A Green Mini bus 20R can lead you to Wu Kau Tang